Park economically for guests of The Green Elephant

You can park your car at Q-Park P+R Station Maastricht for only €16 for 24 hours. The car park is less than a two-minute walk from The Green Elephant.

How does it work?

  • If you park for longer than 24 hours (or multiples of 24 hours), you will need to pay an additional charge. This is charged at the normal rate.
  • When you return to your car to leave, you must pay for parking at the ticket machine at Q-Park to receive an exit ticket.
  • To register your entrance and exit times, put your debit or credit card into the machine when you enter the car park. At this point, you won’t receive a ticket to leave the car park!
  • Park at Q-Park P+R Station Maastricht, Parallelweg 15, 6221 BD Maastricht (height: 1.90 m).