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We are Green

The Green Elephant is a green hotel or eco hotel in Maastricht. One of our main objectives is to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment. Managing the environmental impact and limiting the environmental risks are the primary responsibility of both the management and every employee of The Green Elephant.

Care for the environment is a structural part of our business objectives. All employees undertake to carry out their work in accordance with the established procedures and the associated policies of the company and to regard this as standard practice.

The policy of The Green Elephant Hostels

The policy of The Green Elephant is to:

  • Provide services that meet and exceed the expectations of visitors.
  • Conduct business operations in such a way that does not harm the environment and that guarantees the safety and health of its employees, visitors, suppliers, and the public.
  • Make a social contribution to people and society.

In order to realize this policy, The Green Elephant observes the following rules:

  • We recognize the interests of the environment when making decisions regarding business and commercial opportunities.
  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  • We train each employee and hold them accountable for their compliance with the policy.
  • We promote the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • We measure progress of environmentally friendly and sustainable policies through the implementation of a monitoring programme.
  • We minimize the production of waste, and carefully separate waste as much as possible.
  • We stimulate the regional economy by favouring local suppliers.
  • Finally, we support charities and closely work together with schools and other civil society organizations.
Green initiative - Guy Houben
Green initiative - Guy Houben

What sustainable choices we make The Green Elephant Hostels?

  • We choose the most sustainable partners, suppliers and materials. As a result, for example, the paint on the wall is plant-based, carpets fully circular, the restaurant floor made of stool and walls of (certified) wood.
  • Your footprint also comes from what you eat. We opt for a largely vegan breakfast buffet, without mono-packaging. This immediately prevents food waste.
  • We recycle and separate different types of waste.
  • Cartridges, toners and mobile phones are collected for recycling.
  • Amenities such as shampoo and body wash are from the sustainable Marcel’s Green Soap.
  • All lighting in the hotel is LED and energy efficient.
  • We use self-check-in and check-out kiosks as digital solutions. No paper is needed except a small room note with some basic information.
  • Rooms are equipped with energy savers: you can only turn on the electricity with your keycard. So there is no unnecessary energy consumption when you are not in your room.
  • All mattresses come from Auping, the country’s most sustainable mattress company.
  • All showers cleverly mix air to reduce water consumption (without compromising power – don’t worry, it’s still a great rain shower).
  • We work to raise guests’ awareness during their stay. We encourage minimal water use while showering or brushing their teeth.
  • We use online hotel information instead of the old-fashioned hotel information folders.
  • There are no phones in rooms, another device less to be produced or ever discarded. The reception team can be reached via Whatsapp.
  • We choose to travel by public transport rather than by car, which is why we are around the corner from the railway station.