The average hostel guest is familiar with it. To a hostel, you bring your own shampoo and shower gel, anywhere in the world. It is an unwritten rule that most hostels do not offer shower products during an overnight stay. So too at The Green Elephant Hostels until recently: in those delicious rain showers you found no shampoo and no shower gel. But you could get some for free at the reception because let’s be honest: everyone forgets something once in a while. Only less convenient if you are already in the shower and then find out that

Times change! Totally in line with our philosophy of making responsible and conscious choices, we chose shower products from Marcel’s Green Soap.  Eco-friendly, works great, and last but not least, smells really good. The soap is 100% plant-based and therefore as vegan as most of our breakfast buffet. We love it.

So are you coming to take a shower at The Green Elephant Hostels? You can leave your shower goodies at home, we got you the shampoo and (2 scents) shower gel courtesy of Marcel’s Green Soap!

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Marcel's Green Soap in The Green Elephant Hostels in Maastricht