Coddiwomple[co-di-wom-pel] • English verb.
to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

A few of you who stayed with us recently already had the pleasure to experience our newest social hangout, Bar Coddiwomple! Not only is this the reception area as you know it, it is also the place where the disco balls are always ready for a social gathering, at any time of the day. This is where you check in or order a cocktail, bar bites, or drink a freshly tapped beer. The perfect place for a pre party when you go into town or after party when you come back. In Coddiwomple you can dance on the mini dance floor, choose a chill spot on the wooden benches or sit at the bar.

At the bar we serve draught beer, wine, cocktails but also mocktails, special beers or just a nice cold coke. Travel with us to a vague destination, welcome to Bar Coddiwomple!

Check out the Bar Coddiwomple menu HERE:

Bar Coddiwomple menu
Bar Coddiwomple at The Green Elephant Hostels, Maastricht