Hotel Packages Maastricht

For ultimate experiences in Maastricht, South Limburg, we’ve curated a selection of affordable hotel packages for you. Explore a hotel package at The Green Elephant Hostels.

Hotel package South Limburg

When you visit Maastricht and Limburg, it sometimes feels like you've crossed the border. Those rolling hills, different dialects, and that relaxed lifestyle certainly contribute to that. Do you want to [...]

Summer vacation Limburg

Let the summer shine and choose a stay at The Green Elephant Hostels in Maastricht this August. Situated in the greenest spot of Wyck, we offer a delightful (almost entirely vegan) [...]

Maastricht wellness package

Check this out: chilling in the trendiest district Wyck in Maastricht with a Maastricht Wellness Package? At The Green Elephant Hostels, the spa is included with your stay. We're all [...]

Affordable Hotel near Maastricht

Check this out: The Green Elephant Hostels, the cool hostel right in the center of Maastricht. This cheap hotel near the station is the perfect spot to discover Maastricht and [...]

Cycling hotels Limburg | Cycling packages

The South Limburg Hill Country is known for its hills and beautiful cycling routes to explore! Whether you’re looking for a challenging climb or just want to cruise, our cycling packages [...]