Vegan restaurants, delicious and cheap eating out in Maastricht

Maastricht is in the top 10 best Dutch cities to eat vegan and on 1 in South Limburg.And rightly so! Almost nowhere else can you find so many restaurants to enjoy a delicious vegan lunch or dinner. And since we are 100% pro vegan (The Green Elephant’s breakfast buffet is also mostly vegan), THESE are our favorite vegan hotspots for cheap eating out Maastricht!

Preps Maastricht - Preps Maastricht


The perfect place for coffee, home-made (vegan) pastries and all-day brunch is Preps. In addition to everything looking fingerlicking good, the food there is healthy in addition to delicious.

Mariastraat 6A

Eetcafe Ceramique

This eatery in one of Maastricht’s nicest streets – the Rechtstraat – was one of the first in Maastricht where you could eat out with confidence as a vegetarian.They don’t call themselves ‘The greenest restaurant of Maastricht and surroundings’ for nothing. For years, Ceramique has paid particular attention to vega and now also vegan dishes. Vegan rendang, chicory-rhubarb lasagna, veggie sauerkraut… Choosing from this menu is a challenge.

Rechtstraat 78

Eetcafé Ceramique - Eetcafé Ceramique

Photo: Eetcafe Ceramique

Eten bij de Brandweerkantine in Maastricht - Brandweerkantine

Photo: De Brandweerkantine

De Brandweerkantine

The name says it all, this former fire station now houses a fireman’s canteen.One that is open all day and where, as a vegan, you will get choice stress from all the goodies the kitchen staff has put on the menu.How does “eggplant with miso, cashew cream, pickled bundle mushrooms and green shiso” or “oyster mushrooms with pearl corn risotto, butter beans and haricot verts, sweet-and-sour red onion and ‘n tahin-sesame sauce” sound?

Capucijnenstraat 21

Marres Kitchen

Marres Kitchen is what you might call a hidden gem, hidden behind the facade of Marres, House for Contemporary Culture.In summer, you can even sit in the city garden.Marres Kitchen has the best of Mediterranean cuisine on the menu, from hummus and baba ganoush to falafel and shorbet adas, all home-made.

Capucijnenstraat 98

Marres Kitchen - Marres Kitchen

Photo: Marres Kitchen

Eten bij Faren in Maastricht - Faren Maastricht

Photo: Farèn


The best in Persian cuisine can be found at Farèn, on the corner of Frankenstraat and Groene Loper.Although the restaurant does not claim to be vegan, the menu surprisingly features many vegan dishes such as naan falafel, bademdjun (stuffed, eggplant au gratin) and marinated seitan and cauliflower steak.

Frankenstraat 200