The Green Elephant is affiliated with the Dopper Wave and we join the fight against disposable water bottles.

Every year 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. This plastic does not decompose. It never does. It just falls apart into smaller pieces. Every minute a gigantic amount of plastic ends up in the ocean and in that same minute 1 million single-use plastic water bottles are sold.

It’s such a simple and small gesture to make sure that no more huge amounts of single-use plastic end up in our oceans.

The best part is, we are not alone, together we will create a wave of change, together we can turn the tide, together we will save the oceans.

Because, we at The Green Elephant promise:

  • Not to use disposable water bottles anymore
  • Drinking tap water whenever and wherever possible
  • Always take a reusable water bottle with you
  • To inspire others to join the Dopper Wave

Do you want to join too? Join the wave!

Join the Dopper Wave
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