Today we’re getting a peek into the workday of Mr Green, everyone calls him Olaf. Olaf is co-founder and owner of The Green Elephant. Together with Mrs. Green (Debbie) he created and realized the concept of The Green Elephant. Olaf is a marketer and IT specialist who changed course in 2019 to run the most beautiful hostel in the Netherlands. With a wealth of experience as VP of Troublemaking at LBG Hotels, the role of Mr. Green fits him like a glove.

Wondering what Mr Green does in a day?

Good morning, I am Olaf, aka Mr. Green from The Green Elephant and today we are going to introduce our beautiful hostel to you. I’ll give you a sneak peek and of course we’ll start in the kitchen.

At The Green Elephant we find rest, fit, green, health and consciously the most important things in life, so let’s start the day with a good cup of coffee.

Today we are going to renovate, the environment behind the scenes is super important for all our heroes who work with us, this is our canteen, we call it the hero moshpit.

Health and fit are our core values, which is why we have no lifts, only stairs.

Max and Jarno do the big cleanup at the Tiny Dream Houses.

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not allowed to serve food in our restaurant, but of course we are open for take-away. Our Mrs. Green a.k.a. Chef Green prepares everything for take-away.